Guangzhou Tinyinhui Trading Co.,Ltd. is a trading company which mainly wholesales the glass bottles , such as essential oil bottles, screw bottles, vials, oral liquid bottles, mold oral liquid bottles, mold Xilin bottles, broken bottles, water needle, shoulder sets of bottles, small black bottles, reagent bottles. And we also are in cooperation with plastic bottle factory and luxury acrylic bottle acrylic.We can give you a reasonable price to get the products. 

             At the same time joint strength of the processing industry manufacturers, to the vast number of pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry customers to provide quality products and attentive service, providing high-tech professional silk screen hot stamping ,Frosting, electroplating, spraying, filling OEM and other technology Processing!

           Guangzhou Tinyinhui Trading Co., Ltd. integrity, strength and quality of products to win the trust of our customers.